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The Train Journey: Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the Holocaust

train journey bookDeportations by train were critical in the Nazis' genocidal vision of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. Historians have estimated that between 1941 and 1944 up to three million Jews were transported to their deaths in concentration and extermination camps. In his writings on the Final Solution,  Raul Hilberg pondered the role of trains: How can railways be regarded as anything more than physical equipment that was used, when the time came, to transport the Jews from various cities to shooting grounds and gas chambers in Eastern Europe?  This book explores the question by analyzing the victims' experiences at each stage of forced relocation: the round-ups and departures from the ghettos, the captivity in trains, and finally, the arrival at the camps. Utilizing a variety of published memoirs and unpublished testimonies, the book argues that victims experienced the train journeys as mobile chambers, comparable in importance to the more studied, fixed locations of persecution, such as ghettos and camps.

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This Way: covering/uncovering Tadeusz Borowski's this way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen

this way bookA lavishly illustrated book on the visual represenatation of the Holocaust experience as descibed in Tadeusz Borowski's stories.

It is edited by Marco Sonzogni, Senior Lecturer in the School of Languages and Cultures at Victoria University and a widely published academic and an award-winning editor, poet and literary translator.

This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen is a scholarly work that uses Borowski’s stories to explore the relationship between verbal and visual representations of war and genocide through critical analyses of book covers selected from an international competition for a new cover of This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen. This Way includes an extensive critical apparatus: foreword, introduction, academic essays, commentaries on the book covers, afterword, and notes. Authors and advisors include noted authorities on the Holocaust, Holocaust literature and Holocaust representation.

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